Green School

We are a proud Green School

Green School Ballycoog NS

We were delighted to be awarded our 4th Green Flag in April 2017 and we are currently working hard on our 5th Green Flag under the "Travel" theme.

This is what our students have to say on their achievement in this programme:

"To get our Green School Flag we had to complete 7 steps.  From forming a Green School Committee to the final step of thinking up a Green Code, we worked very hard.  We developed an Action Plan after we had completed a questionnaire to see which areas we would target. For example, we needed to reduce water consumption, and keep en eye out for leaks.  We kept an ongoing record by doing leak tests, and timing ourselves washing our hands.  We only used rainwater for watering the plants in our organic garden.  We are very glad to have been awarded another Green School Flag and to know that in some small way we have made a difference."

Pictured below: Students from Ballintemple N.S. attending the Green Flag Awards ceremony in The Helix, D.C.U, Dublin