Our children are encouraged to bring their bikes to school.

Representing Ballycoog NS at Science Blast 2023

Actively involved in math: creating patterns, adding and problem solving

Children keeping on top of our phonics in an active way.

Music Generations

Children actively encourage motorists to slow down while learning from the Gardaí.

Art is very popular in our school- oil pastels, water colour paints, pencils, clay etc.

Celebrating our new school jerseys-We LOVE them!

 Ready, Set, Go! Avondale 1km cross-country event.

All looking fresh after our 3km trail run in Avondale.


Celebrating Festivals

Our imaginations run wild!

Representing our school at local school GAA Blitzes.


Celebrating National Tree Day at Kilmacurragh, National Botanic Gardens. 

Growing, cooking and eating while at school- Yum Yum

Growing lots of variety-Sunflowers, potatoes, rhubarb, strawberries, pumpkins, courgettes etc

Striving forward and achieving

Making memories and learning in all kinds of weather